Yume Technology Co., Ltd. and Yumeshin Holdings publish information on this website (hereinafter referred to as "information") for the purpose of disclosing corporate information about our company and group. Though every possible precaution is taken to ensure that such information is correct, it might include incorrect information due to artificial falsification by a third party, mechanical defects due to malfunctions, or any other force majeure, as well as technically incorrect descriptions or misprints. In such cases, our company and group shall not be responsible for any damage arising from incorrect information or misprints (including but not limited to lost profit, damage from interruption of business, and damage from data loss), even if our company and group have been notified of the possibilities of such damages in advance.

Furthermore, all or part of the information may be modified, updated, suspended, or stopped without prior notice tothe customers.

About information disclosure through the internet

Though every possible precaution is taken to ensure that the information published on this website is correct, up-todate, and of high quality, we shall not be responsible for any obstacle or damage for any reason, including but not limited to incorrect published information, obstacles in communication or computer environments of the customer due to data download.

Denial of investment solicitation

The aim of this website is not investment solicitation. Users should make investment decisions at their own discretion. Please also refrain from making investment decisions based solely on these earnings forecasts. Please understand in advance that actual results can be significantly different from these earnings forecasts, depending on various major factors which can affect actual results. Such major factors include economic conditions and market trends surrounding our company's business areas.

About descriptions about future prospect

Among the published prospects, strategies, management policies, and the like, what are not historic facts are future prospect. These prospects are made by the judgment of our manager, based on the current information available.

Yume Technology shall not consent to any copyright, patent right, trademark, or any other right of third parties.

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