Q. What is the actual payment that an employee receives?

In Japan, the amount of money that an employee receives is the wage that an employer (company) pays to the employee from which insurance, dormitory fee, and taxes are subtracted.

Q. Where are locations of work?

Yume Technology deals with companies located around Japan. Worksites are mainly located in the Kanto, Chubu, and Kansai areas.

Q. Can employees select projects?

Yume Technology offers projects based on the aptitudes of employees.

Q. Do you offer any training?

We offer Japanese language training to improve language skills for one to three months.

Q. Are there dormitories?

The company rents an entire building of studio apartments. Employees will be living in the apartments.

Q. How do employees apply for a work visa?

Yume Technology supports the visa application process. Employees will prepare application forms and paperwork. Yume Technology will submit the applications to the Immigration Bureau.

Q. Describe flows after arriving in Japan.

We arrange a dormitory or a hotel room near a branch office. Employees will commute to the branch office from there. Employees are responsible for living expenses including food and utility fees.

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